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One of our clients Rachel, started her journey with Adlington Homes to restore her building property after a myriad of failures by previous builders.
Please read Rachel’s story below and how we were able to assist her and take her building project to its final completion.

Rachel De Freitas 7 March 2019 Reference: Mr. Duane Adlington, Director: Adlington Homes Wollongong.

To whom it may concern, It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Duane Adlington, Adlington Homes for any construction and /or rectification works. I have had a unique journey with the building process of my dual occupancy having gone through the NCAT process which triggered the builder's warranty twice after the commencement of construction in February 2012.

Current Experience: Adlington Homes. The quote: Adlington homes spent 4 hours walking through the home meticulously and methodically with the Scope of Works prepared by Gallagher Bassett Building warranty insurance company. During the site visit, Mr. Adlington identified many missing items that remained incomplete and defective and prepared a thorough quotation as per the scope of works and in addition prepared a separate quote to outline his concerns providing a realistic end price should the additional quote be reviewed and accepted. This was in stark contrast to the other 2 builders who submitted quotes after spending under 1 hour and declined to engage with me as I showed them through the home to point out areas within the scope. The third declined to submit a quote siting the significant amount of defective and incomplete works. Gallagher Bassett accepted Adlington Homes’ quotation based on 1. His quotation was the most thorough i.e. covered every item while the other 2 builders left significant items out. 2. His quotation was ‘realistic’ and was comparable with the ‘cheapest’ builder. And 3. He provided a quotation upfront of the items that would form part of the claim during the commencement of works demonstrating attention to detail and assessment, honesty, and providing a realistic end price. The Commencement: Following Gallagher Bassett appointing Adlington Homes, Duane has been open, collaborative, and engaging with me at all times in a very professional manner. I have been most impressed with the attention to detail ensuring a thorough understanding of my needs. I have had trades on site every single day for the last 4 weeks and Duane has attended site every single day providing direction to the trades in a courteous and professional manner at all times. He has achieved what the previous 2 builders could not achieve in 5 months. The quality of the workmanship has been exemplary, the professionalism of the trades whilst onsite has been outstanding. The experience has finally been absolutely amazing and I cannot believe the stark contrast in quality, attention to detail, and ‘fair and honest’ quotation that was provided. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mr. Duane Adlington from Adlington homes to any prospective client. For the quality, professionalism, communication, more than reasonable quotation, and service absolutely outstanding. Warm regards,

Rachel De Freitas

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